GSRP Staff News

September 21st-25th

First Week of School!

Well, it finally arrived! Our first day of school with students. Things seemed to go very smooth. We only had a couple of hiccups at bus dismissal. We caught both of them quickly and we were able to work as a team to get students where they need to be without any upset children or parents. Mrs. Miller complimented us for being organized and having well thought out procedures. Mr. Harper sent an email stating that he thought things went very smooth as well. You all deserve a high five, and a Tim Horton's coffee! Enjoy :)

Communication is Key!

GSRP Gazette and Classroom Newsletters...

We sent our first GSRP monthly Gazette home today. We sent the hard copy and emailed it to families. Please remember to send us a copy of your classroom newsletter. All of the items below were mentioned in the GSRP Gazette. Please include them in your classroom newsletters as well.

  • Remind parents to call the GSRP office if they have questions or concerns regarding GSRP (Not the Central Elementary office).
  • Not to arrive for a.m. parent drop off earlier than 8:40 or pick up earlier than 11:40.
  • Not to arrive for p.m. drop off before 12:40 or p.m. pick up until 3:40. We are trying to protect your lunch time, and make bus and parent transport traffic patterns run smooth.
  • Early release days, remind them of the early release dates and emphasize that there will be no p.m. sessions held on those four dates. They will need to make alternate arrangements and we want to give them adequate time. Our first release date is October 7th.

Dismissal routines...

In order to help with dismissal, we will announce the following on the PA system.

  • 11:20- Please get students ready for bus dismissal. Buses arrive at 11:35 and we would like them loaded and gone before parent pick up at 11:45.
  • 12:30 - Please be prompt in getting kids off of p.m. arrival buses. We would like the buses to be cleared before 12:40 parent drop off.
  • 3:10- Get students ready to load Thomson C-19 bus at 3:15. It needs to be pulling out at 3:16! We will start calling T-19 orange, T-8 pink and T-64 red. This will organize students to make their transfer at Thomson run safe and smooth.
  • 3:15- We will call for the Gates and Siple shuttles. These buses need to be loaded no later than 3:20.
  • 3:20 We will call for all other buses to dismiss
  • 3:45 We will call for all parent pick up

This should help with the organization of dismissal and help us all stay on schedule!

Upcoming dates....

Monday, September 21st- 1st day for GSRP students

Thursday, September 24th- Spirit Day for GSRP! Wear maroon and gold!

Friday, September 25th- Homecoming parade and game

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Susan Vamos

Early Learning Coordinator

GSRP Program Director