OxyContin-The Pain Killing Killer

Why you shouldn`t abuse OxyContin

Effects On the Body

Oxycontin can have multiple dangerous effects on the body. The most deadly effect is usually the breathing risk that comes with abusing oxycontin, it can make breathing very difficult (16). You can also become constipated, drowsy, and dizzy, you could get a headache, you may sweat, and you might feel weakness (16). Because of these symptoms your heart can slow and/or stop (16). The effects on the body from oxycontin can be very deadly.

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Effects On The Mind

Oxycontin can also have very dangerous effects on the mind. Some people try to get a feeling of euphoria or high (25). They stop caring about the important things in your life and replace them with the drug (25). Oxycontin will corrupt their emotions, mind, feelings, and actions (25). Oxycontin will build over your mind with nothing but the drug.

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Drugs Don`t Discriminate

Drugs don`t discriminate, it`s not the drug`s fault your grades are down and your social life`s at an all-time low, it`s yours. It`s the drug`s fault that you got sick and died, it`s yours. A lot of times people blame the drug for all the bad things that happened to them, but it`s not the drug`s fault, it`s theirs. The drug didn`t make you do it you chose to.

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