Independant digital assignment

Taxes,tips,discounts,commission mark ups


Taxes are are things that you have to pay and if you don't pay them ,then they increase until you pay them so it could start out as $20 then end up $100.

Ex.Say your taxes are $50 so you have to pay 5% that would be $2.50

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Tips are things that you would give to just for someone and their service it doesn't go to their job It goes directly to the worker. Ex. My waiter was really fast so I left him a $5.50 a 50% tip. The meal was $11.00
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Discounts are things that lower the price of items or coupons are a physical discount card sort of any way discounts lower prices and make the world happy. Ex. Macy's is having a annavirsiry so they are having a 20% off sale. The t-shirt I want is $10.00 originally now it it $8.00
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Commission is money that is made off of something or is a percent of a amount of money/number.Such as things eBay,Amazon,google shop,and things like . Ex. I worked at Mostly Motorcycles the store. I made 50% commission. I made $10000.00 so my money I earn per 5 hours is $2,000
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Mark ups

Mark ups are when the price is raised to earn a bigger profit or certain amount of money you would want to make. Ex. 200% Mark ups so this $5.00 is now $7.00 at my local toy store.
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