Merchant of Venice Movie Poster

Weston Bliobenes


Antonio - Henry Cavill

Portia - Cameron Diaz

Nerissa - Kristen Stewart

Bassanio - Robert Downey Jr.

Lorenzo - Chris Hemsworth

Gratiano - Tom Hardy

Jessica - Amy Adams

Shylock - Russell Crowe


Song 1 - "Mo Money Mo Problems", The Notorious B.I.G

Song 2 - "You're Beautiful", James Blunt

Song 3 - "If I Were a Rich Man", Cast of Fiddler on the Roof

Song 4 - "Part of Me", Katy Perry

Song 5 - "Can You Feel the Love Tonight", The Lion King/Elton John

Song 6 - "We Are the Champions", Queen

Song 7 - "One Way or Another", Blondie

Song 8 - "For the Love of Money", The O'Jays