Discrimination/ Prejudice

And it's effects

What is Prejudice?

Prejudice is judging a race/religion/gender etc. without knowing about that race/religion etc. ( ex. someone hates Buddhists, but hasn't talked to, or known one.)

What is Discrimination?

Discrimination is similar to prejudice, except discrimination is an action, prejudice is in the mind. An example of discrimination is calling someone names because of their religion.

the Effects of Discrimination

Discriminating against someone can cause oself worth, low self esteem, weight loss/gain, fear, anger, and more. Some long term effects can be: loss of motivation, restricted opportunities, long term depression, difficulty communicating, and more

the Impact of Prejudice on Society

People who are affected by prejudice don't see people as people, they see them as a color, a race, a religion, a stereotype etc. They don't try to get along with others of another belief/color/gender etc.

“Prejudice makes the victim feel defensive and works on you like a cancer does on a person,” - John Sanchez