Douglas Pipins - 4

What Are Mammals?

About All Mammals

Most mammals are the same. They have fur on their bodies, drink milk from their mothers, and eventually fend for themselves once old enough. Most mammals are born the same way: they are born from their mothers bodies. They form in their mothers belly, and come out once they get to big, kinda like humans. Although, some mammals aren't born from their mothers belly, but in eggs. These mammals are called monotremes. These animals are platypuses and the long-nosed spiny anteater. There is also a mammal that can fly! They're called bats. All bats can fly. It is possible to do this because of stretched out skin that allows them to fly. Kinda like bats, flying squirrels can fly. Although, they can't fly, they glide. They glide by using stretched out skin, like bats. Besides the flying and egg laying, all mammals are the same.

About Some Mammals

The Classes

7 Groups

All mammals are put into groups. The 7 main groups are insectivores, ungulates, seals, bats, whales/dolphins, rodents, and carnivores.

Insectivores eat insects, hence the name. Ungulates have hooves, like horses, hogs, cows, giraffes, and deer. The hoof is actually a giant toenail. Seals are swimming mammals, who, unlike dolphins and whales, can go on land. Bats, as stated before, are the only mammals that can fly.

Whales and dolphins can also swim, but can't go on land, because they will be beached, and die. They are also called porpoises, and unlike fish, don't have gills, so have to come up above water, about every hour. Rodents are rats, beavers, mice, squirrels, and the biggest of all, the capybara. All rodents have big front teeth. The teeth is used to cut down wood. Carnivores are mammals that can eat meat, as said before. Other groups are marsupials, mammals that carry their young in pouches, like kangaroo, possums, and koalas, and primates, mammals that can walk, and are smarter, then most mammals. These includes humans, apes, and monkeys

Are Mammals Smart

As a matter of fact, most mammals are extremely smart, humans being the smartest. Humans are the only mammal to get an education, know how to speak, and use technology the right way. Although, some mammals are almost as smart as humans. Other smart mammals include dolphins, elephants, dogs, and pigs

Back in the Day

The Ice Age

Back then, when the world was cold and covered in ice and snow, mammals still roamed the earth. They have long fur covering them, and are kinda like the mammals today. Sabertooth tigers are like tigers, or any felines today. Woolly Mammoths are like elephants with pounds of fur. There are also antelopes back then that are like the ones today/ So even back then, there were mammals.