Another Brick in the Wall

Maggie Malloy & Ashley Matan


1.) "Teacher leave them kids alone"- don't bother kids (it means exactly what it says)

2.) "All in all you're just another brick in the wall"- the wall protects him from the rest of the wrold, and the teachers were just another brick in the wall

3.) "No dark sarcasm in the classroom"- teachers used thought control to teach the school kids

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Roger Waters- bass guitarist

David Gilmour & Syd Barrett- guitarist

Richard Wright- keyboard

Nick Mason- drums

This song is mainly about Roger Waters and David Gilmour. Basiically, they were insulted by their teachers. They felt like teachers would mold the school schildren into mindless drones of society. They also felt like the teachers were more interested in keeping the kids quiet, rather than teaching them.

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1.) Against rigid schooling in general and boarding schools a group of students protesting calssroom strictness in the the UK.

2.) The album was released in 1979.

3.) We agree with the message the song is sending because students shouldn't be eduacted in such ways. Students go to school to be taught, and not mistreated. It is important to help situate the problem towards a specific type of learning.

4.) Yes, we feel the song made significant impact on the issue because they sang about what happened in their childhood, even though some countires as in South Africa banned the whole album because they felt it was against all education.