Let us BUY your Home!

Avoid the timing hassles of the buying and selling process.

Congratulations on your NEW home!

What a great feeling. Putting down your money on a BRAND NEW home. For many of us this is a dream come true. A new house built just for us! I know how excited my family was when we went through this very same process.

What do we do with our OLD one?

The excitement of walking through beautiful model homes and picking out that perfect lot was soon lost for my wife and I when we got home a had to figure out how we were going to get out of the house we were in. We only had 6 months to get it SOLD!

To our surprise, it sold the first weekend we put it on the market. Problem solved. Or so we thought. Now we had 3 months where we weren't going to have our old home but our new one still didn't even have walls. This was a nightmare we weren't prepared for. We got lucky and a house just one block away opened up and the landlord/owner was willing to let us do a 3 month lease. What a lucky break. But still it almost didn't work. Rain cause a delay in the new home construction and if it wasn't for lots of begging a pleading and some very nice builders, we would have had another large expense to cover to keep us under a roof for a week or two.

We are here to HELP!

We got pretty lucky and things worked out for us. The rent of the temporary home only cost us about $1000 more than being in our own home but it did free us up to qualify for our new mortgage and we could move in without the fear of paying two mortgages.

It doesn't always work out this nice.

But what if you could sell you home right now, the day you put money down on your new one, but didn't have to move out until the day the new one was ready. How easy is that.

What we do...

We will buy your house right now. You simply keep living there and paying the mortgage like you always have. When your new house is ready you just turn it all over to us.

How easy is that. Gone are the worries of not selling in time so your paying two mortgages or even losing out on the financing because the bank won't allow you to have two primary homes. Even if you get lucky and sell quick, you have the hassle of moving twice.

We let you relax and enjoy the process of building your own brand new home. No quick sales. No Realtor fees. We can even cover the closing costs.