*** Glam Girls ***

February Newsletter

Growing Team

I am so excited at what our team has become. Just a few short months ago, we started out as 3 and have now grown to 9 of us with more on the way. How amazing!

I love how we support and encourage each other, both in our businesses and in our personal lives. I hope we can continue to stay a close team and become very successful in our businesses.

I would like to say how proud I am for what everyone accomplished in January. Shayna, Rhonda, Tracy & Theresa all grew their FB fans by at least 30%. Theresa did an amazing job at growing her page by 42% and Rhonda bumped hers up to over 100 likes and had a growth of 44%. Rhonda and Theresa also brought in some new owls to join our team. Theresa is now a Leading Designer and Rhonda is a Team Leader. Way to go ladies!!!

OO Business

Tips For Success

*I would suggest you sell your lockets at full retail. This will help to keep the OO brand a higher end line of jewelry and will help you to make more money. Also, if you are always having sales you will realize that people wont buy from you unless you are having a sale. It is ok to do promotions like "buy 3 charms and get 1 free" but I wouldn't give huge discounts like 25% off or anything like that.

*Add an OO signature to your personal and business email accounts. Make it simple with your name, website and FB business page. This way everyone that you communicate with will see it and know about your business.

*If you dont have any parties on your books then book a party of your own. Invite your friends, family, neighbors, school moms, etc. And tell people to invite people. This will get your name out there.

*Mingle amongst other DS companies, join FB groups, etc. I have joined a few of these and have booked 2 parties with girls that do DS with other companies. One girl is thinking about joining our team. OO is amazing and when people see it they want to buy it.

*There are alot of great training webinars in OO's back office, I would suggest watching them. Especially the one about home parties. ALOT of great info to help increase your attendance and your sales.

If you're working your business then your business will work for you!