Ella Baker

A Civil Rights Activist

Where She's From

She was born in Norfolk, Virginia on December 13, 1903

What She Did

  • Baker was a founding member of the Young Negros Cooperative League.
  • In 1935, she joined the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  • In 1957, Baker and several others formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  • In 1960, she helped students organize the Students Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

Now You Know

When she moved to New York City, Baker immersed herself in the Harlem Renaissance culture. Around this time is when she first became involved in politics, while working at the Works Progress Administration.

What Kind of Woman

Baker was a humble woman who would rather work behind the scenes than be well known.

What Made Her Special

Ella Baker inspired people with her passion for making a difference, seemingly never without a project. Baker founded many organizations, constantly working in the background to make a difference. Baker firmly believed "Strong people don't need strong leaders."

By: Eve Hawkins