President Jackson

Events From Jackson's Presidency

Killing The National Bank

When Jackson gets elected for his second term the first thing he does is try to get rid of the National Bank. Jackson felt the bank was unconstitutional and viewed the bank as being corrupt. President Jackson the charter of the National Bank and veto's the bill to get rid of the bank. Once he got rid of the bank, people viewed the president as a hero.

Nullification Crisis

During Jackson's presidency there were two tariffs that were passed. Tariff of 1828 and tariff of 1832. These tariffs upset the south because the don't manufacture goods. The south tries to nullify the tariffs and threatens to secede from the union if the federal government interferes with their act. Congress passes the force bill to make South Carolina pay their taxes . The force bill allowed Jackson and the federal government to force South Carolina to pay their taxes by using the U.S. army.

"Trail Of Tears"

The Cherokee Indians land became desirable once gold was discovered on their land. Then Andrew Jackson signed the Indian removal act into law. This act allowed the U.S. government to move the Indians to less desirable land. The Cherokee nation went to court and the supreme court ruling said the Cherokee nation was a "sovereign" nation and Georgia could not interfere with their land. Despite supreme courts ruling Jackson continued with removal plans. The Georgia militia rounded up the Cherokee and pushed them west.

Comment 1

Dear Editor, I am so happy that President Jackson got re-elected. I view him as the "common man" and a hero to this country. Jackson got rid of that horrible corrupt National Bank and moved those awful Native Americans west.