Muhammad Ali Jinnah

A hero who fought for freedom!!!!

Muhammad Ali Jinnah is a hero who brought freedom to his people by inspring and motivated everyone.

Every person In this world has a hero. People have heroes because they really admire that person and really look up to that person. They want to do what they have done and they have achieved in their life. I also have a hero. My hero had a great personality and a great heart.

I choose him as my hero because I really admire him. A hero is a person who is unique than others and anyone trust on him. I admire his style, his personality and what he did for Muslim people and my country. He gave Muslim their freedom from British empire that was ruling that time.

He used the non-voilent way to get freedom and tell others to use same mothd. He gave hope to all Muslim people that we can make a country where we can do anything we want. We don't have to ask anybody for permission for anything. He was very honest and humble person that's why everybody trust on him even the people who were against him and his party. He inspired all the Muslim people by using non-violence way. He had confident on his self to creat a new country for them and people motivated him a lot. It was very difficult time on him when he found out that he had some serious disease and he had very less time left but he contributed his work to others.

People who helped him

He was very generous to all people even when Pakistan was almost last stage he made the decision to keep some part far other regions who were living there already. Pakistan was only made for Muslim but he gave 1/3 part to them so they don't feel bad to live in Pakistan. They called him after that with Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Some other people who worked with him.

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Some of the Hero Qualities

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