Media Project: Scott

By: Isabella Ybarra


"There was a great used-book store just outside of town, but I didn't think Bobby would go for that. He liked to hang out at the music stores, but since I didn't play an instrument- not counting one disastrous month spent wrestling with trombone in sixth grade- all I could look at the guitars and pretend I was a rock star for about ten minutes, until reality stomped down my imagination." Page 61.
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Symbol: Thought bubble

Scott is always thinking of others before him self. He's very thoughtful and selfless.


Mr. Cravutto: "It's just flurries. Suck it up, babies." Scott: "There had to be some sort of state law against this."On the other hand, if I froze to death, I wouldn't have to run..." Page 126.
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Symbol: Tolerance sign

Even though Scott's coach makes them run in the freezing cold and snow he puts up with it everyday and doesn't complain.


Scott : "Read this." Bobby: "Do I look like I have time to fool around?" Scott: "I'm not fooling around. I'm dead serious." "It was a struggle. Each word. Each syllable. After an eternity, he finished the first paragraph." Bobby: "You happy now? I'm stupid. Okay. Is that what you wanted to know?" Scott: "How'd it happen." Bobby: "I don't know. It's just always been hard." Page 224-225.
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Symbol: Magnifying glass

Magnifying glasses are used to observe small details just like Scott observed that Bobby can't read.

Scott's Dream

I think Scott's dream would to become a writer. He writes advice all the time to his little brother. He also writes for the newspaper and love English class. So writing would be the perfect job for Scott.