My Poems

By John

pizza not for you

Me and you

Pizza for two

Tomayto sauce red

Served by a guy namedFfred

No pizza for you.

Pizza so greasey

Ever so cheesey

Hardly nouticious

So delicious

Made ever so easy.

Oh how it smells

Describe it cannot tell

It is hot

Tastes terrible it does not

Aw. It's gone. Oh well.

tiny toilet

There twas a turtle

Who had a tiny toilet

That twas to tiny for a

Tortus tried to sit on it

And reduced it to toil.

monday night

Eating supper fast like a cheatah.

Burping as a hog.

Anna being a pain like a sticker on my butt.

Mom nagging and pricking the way tweezers do.

Monday night.


The sun tells the moon and the stars how to dance.

The mountain teaches and reminds the stone that he to will become one with him while the Stone listens.

The sea remembers when part of it wastunred into rain and follows the law of gravity.

The dawn looks just like morning because they are.

The sky dreams of the color of fire.

The night shows and guides us through the dark.