The Unwanteds Island of Shipwrecks

By: Lisa McMann

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The Unwanteds Island of Shipwrecks Opinion

My book recommendation for The Unwanted Island of Shipwrecks

Opinion writing By: Sam Schneider

The Unwanteds Island of Shipwrecks By:Lisa McMann is a great book full of suspension and magic!!

It's a great book for people that like magic adventure and suspense.

They get stuck on a island with food no boat and get tested to the limit on how strong their friendship is!!

Its very PG and is for kids 4th grade and up. So anybody can read it over age 8.

There is no swear words it's a very great book for any body that likes magic and adventure!!

So now that we got through that this book is great it's for anybody that just finished a series and wants to start a new one.