Mrs. Dugal's 3rd Grade Class

Week 5!

Important Dates

Monday: A

Tuesday: B 10:40- 3rd Grade Eye and Vision Screening

Wednesday: C

Thursday: A

Friday: B

A= Wellness B= Art C=Music

Next Week Focus

Writing: We will be focusing on how to write a paragraph. We will also be talking about main idea and details.

Reading: We are going to do a short session on Non-Fiction Texts. We will be looking at how they are organized and different text features they include.

Math: We will continue our unit on data and surveys. We will be working on double bar graphs with a fun project where we will collect data from another classroom.

Social Studies: We will finish our unit of Maps and move into a unit on our Democracy. We will learn about the 3 branches of government.

I can organize my data into categories!

Curriculum night

Thanks for coming and your constant support! It was a great night with wonderful conversations.