TRAVELING there's nothing wrong with it in fact MORE people should experience it. Being stuck in the same town is lame and whack FREE yourself and GET OUT THERE go on an adventure put yourself in DANGER and in CONFLICT. Climb a COLOSSAL mountain

Row down VISCOUS streams. FALL FROM THE SKIES ONTO a target. FEAR no mistakes for your own choices are yours to claim EMBRACE the earth as it has given itself to you for the taking. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT HESITATING my friend be BOLD have faith in your actions and beliefs let them take you onto a NEW path. EMBRACE THE DANGER express your skills and FREE your thoughts. CONFLICT with good and evil amongst yourself. Then once you defeat your enemy AID him, show him they ways of your doing, invite him ONTO your journey teach him to be BOLD and SWIFT. Then befriend him… make peace and harmony.

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