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Over in the UK, Oakgrove head teacher John Harkin told The Guardian that anywhere between 600 to 800 students between the ages of 15 and 24 commit suicide annually. A poll of 804 teachers revealed that 73% considered school (and life in general) far more stressful for students than in the previous decade, which more than likely contributes to the climbing suicide rate. Eighty-nine percent believed high-stakes classroom assignments and exams played a major (if not the premiere) role in nurturing anxiety.

Increased college competition means increased high school competition. Increased high school competition means increased middle school competition. Increased middle school competition means increased elementary school competition. Once students get to the last four compulsory grades, the pressure to constantly excel and perform has already been shoved into their growing bodies. So when kids do succumb to the pressures, chances are they may very well have been lurking beneath the surface long before freshman year.

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Chicken Soup For The Soul: Tough Times For Teens Quotes

"My stubborn misguided fourteen year old freshman self would have told you that "winning" meant getting straight A's no matter what. It meant being the absolute best" (3).

Teens are constantly given pressure by school, and trying to be the best out of everyone.

"During the summer, I did weekly high-ins and kept to a strict diet consisting of few foods..." (111).

Kids punish themselves to try to make others appreciate them.

Teen Stress

The Many Issues That Occur From Teen Stress

There are many places places you can reach out to to help prevent suicide due to stress