Clarks Creek Chronicles

November, 2016 - News and Notes to Keep You Connected

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A Note From the Principal

Dear Parents,

I hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends. The end of one holiday marks a harried, whirlwind to the next for many of our families. In thinking about my own family's schedule for the next month, I know I need to stop and regroup periodically! In case these tips are helpful to others, I've included a few that I will strive to remember myself!

  • While we enjoy all that the season brings, help your child maintain normalcy as much as possible, including continuing with your usual bedtime routines whenever you can.
  • I've included a link to an article, below, that talks about reducing stress over the holidays for kids. While it might seem a bit ridiculous to think of kids as being "stressed out," since we usually think of this time of year as being the favorite time of year for many of our kids, they really do pick up on the anxiety we feel as adults as we rush here and there to meet every obligation and prepare for every event.
  • Keep it simple. As we contemplate the next month, perhaps there is some simplicity we can bring to it, even while we enjoy all it has to offer.

Seeing the season through a child's eyes can bring joy to all. Just know that they see it through ours, too. Here's wishing you a fun month, whatever your family's traditions!

Kind regards,
Mrs. Donovan
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Remembering Mr. Underwood

As I'm sure you know, last week we bid a sad goodbye to Clarks Creek's former principal, Mr. Mike Underwood. Many of our older students remember him fondly as someone they respected and who always seemed to have a bit of a twinkle in his eye. Last Wednesday, on the day of his funeral, we participated in one of Mr. Underwood's favorite activities - dancing in the hallways! (See the picture in the gallery below.) While school was so important to him as a place of learning, he also knew that school was a place to have fun. In addition, he felt that students did their best work when they were dressed in their best. As one final school-wide remembrance, this Wednesday we will have a "Dressed to the Nines Day" in his honor. We invite all students to dress in their very best - even over-the-top dressy is OK! Think bow ties, sequins, ruffles, or simply their very best clothes - all would be great!

Anyone wishing to contribute a dollar or more to the Mike Underwood Scholarship Fund is invited to do so on Wednesday. We hope that this scholarship helps keep the dream of education alive, just like Mr. Underwood would have hoped for ALL students.
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Click the Link Above to See the Website Calendar

  • 11/30 PTO Fundraiser @ Chipotle 5-9pm
  • 12/5-12/9 Santa Shop
  • 12/5/2016 Harlem Wizards Basketball Game (see info below)
  • 12/13/2016 First Grade Music Program 7:00pm in the gym
  • 12/16/2016 First Grade Field Trip - Children's Museum & Play
  • 12/22/2016 End of 2nd Quarter- Last Day for Students
  • 12/23/2016 - 1/8/2017 Winter Break
  • 1/9/2017 Semester Two Begins
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Santa Shop is Coming!

Once again, our PTO will be hosting a Santa Shop for students who would like to secretly purchase gifts for their friends and family members. As always, every item in the shop is only $1! This is a completely optional activity for any family choosing to participate. Please talk with your child ahead of time so he/she knows whether to look for gifts. All are welcome to "window shop." Thanks to all those who volunteer with this event to help make shopping go smoothly as our little ones hone their consumer skills!

School Lunch Information

You can find our school menus by clicking the red button below. Student lunches are $2.30 (including milk). Breakfast is $1.30. Extra milk (or for those bringing their lunch) is $0.50.
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Please Be on the Lookout for Spoons!

You know how socks seem to disappear in the laundry? Well, the same thing seems to be happening with spoons from our cafeteria! A couple of years ago we stopped using disposable silverware for kids in an effort to "go green." This has gone really well, but now we are missing a slew of spoons! If a student brings his/her lunch but doesn't have a utensil, they are allowed to use one of the cafeteria's spoons. It is easy for kids to forget to put these back and they get stuck in lunchboxes. If you see a wayward spoon show up in your child's lunchbox, please return it to school so we can continue our "green" efforts. Thanks!

Reminder - Visiting for Lunch

We know that parents often want to come in and eat lunch with their children on special occasions. You are welcome to do so by following the usual school visit procedures - beginning with stopping in the office to sign in and get a visitor tag. Please be aware, though, that space in our cafeteria is currently VERY limited. Please be prepared for the possibility that you may have to eat in another location with your student when you arrive. Staff members working in the cafeteria will direct you, as needed.

PTO Info

Nightmare on Elm Drive
Thanks to everyone who was able to volunteer time and labor to assist with our Halloween event. It was a rousing success! Special thanks to all the chairpersons for the evening and to all of those who assisted with construction of our fantastic haunted house. It was amazing!

Santa Shop
Santa Shop is next week! This is a a voluntary time for kids to shop in secret for those on their holiday gift lists. All items are $1!

I know spring seems a long way off, but we are already making plans for the big Walk-a-Thon this April! We are looking for two people to assist on the Donation Committee. If you are interested, please contact PTO.

Our next meeting will be Monday, January 23, 2016 @ 6:30pm in the library.

Reminder - Volunteer at Clarks Creek!

If you have some time to donate at Clarks Creek, be sure to complete a Volunteer Background Check and have it cleared prior to the first volunteer experience. This can take a couple of weeks, so be sure to plan ahead! These are also needed prior to chaperoning field trips, etc. The form can be found at .

Another thing we ask all volunteers to complete annually is the Volunteer Confidentiality Form. This form is available in the school office and should also be completed before the first volunteer experience.

We appreciate the help of all of our volunteers! We couldn't do it without you!
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Plainfield Community Schools Legacy Foundation Presents...

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Check out these pictures of a few of the things that have been going on over the last month! You can enlarge any of the pictures below by clicking on them.

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