Weapons of the Middle Ages

Includes offensive and defensive examples


The lance is a medieval pole or spear weapon specially made to be used by mounted combatant. The lance let the knight to take advantage of his position on horseback, keeping his distance from his enemy while striking a blows to the soldiers below him.
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Battle Axe

Axes were used by foot soldiers and occasionally knights.
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Shields were used to protect the knight from daggers, swords, lances, and etc...
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Crossbows were used to fire arrows at the enemies.
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Longbows are like our modern bows and also fire arrows.
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Daggers were used to stab people instead of cutting. It was mainly used by the knights.
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There were many type of swords in the Middle Ages. They were used in battle.
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Weapons Used in Middle Ages

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Other Weapons

Contains different types of weapons.