True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

By: Avi

Don't judge a book by its cover

Pages: 229


A thirteen year old girl named Charlotte Doyle is going to America to join her family ,and she has no choice but to go on a boat called the Seahawk. During the journey, out in the ocean, she meets new people and a friend named Zachariah. She thought he was a good guy, but one day when she told the captain about the crew members doing something bad he killed one of them and injured Zachariah. Charlotte was so sorry that she decided to become one of the crew members. After a very bad storm pasted the first man, Mr. Hollybrass, died, and Charlotte Doyle was blamed for the death even though she did not do it. Charlotte was jailed when she found out that it was Captain Jaggery that killed Hollybrass. She told the crew and they got rid of Captain Jagger, and made her captain. Charlotte Doyle finally reached home, but instead of living with her family she decided to stay with the crew.


The theme of this story is to know someone more before trusting them. Charlotte Doyle trusted Captain Jaggery, but he was a selfish man that would kill people.

Apply the Theme to Life

When I meet someone for the first time, I always have to know him/her better. I do that to see if he/she is mean, nice, etc. If I just become friends with people I do not know, he/she might be not be nice or do horrible things. If I just see someone that looks nice, I still have to know more about him/her because he/she might be as bad as Captain Jaggery. Charlotte Doyle just assumed Captain Jaggery was nice because he looked nice and like he could have been trusted. He turned out to be bad and killed people that did not obey him. I will never just be friends with people I do not know even though they look nice.
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By: Brittany Neil