Week 6 - February 22 - 26

French I - Spring 2016

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La Sixième Semaine

Welcome to Week 6! It was a cold and snowy last week in NC! Here's hoping that this week brings more sunshine and warmer temperatures. Read below for happenings in all French I courses this week! Assignments for all courses are due this Friday, February 26!

Traditional Block:

This week students will continue work in Unit 4: L'Heure. Topics covered this week include new regular verbs, our first two irregular verbs, contractions and more! Assignments due this week include:

1. L'Heure, Speaking 1E

2. L'Heure, Section 1 Quiz

3. L'Heure, Writing 2A

4. L'Heure, Speaking 2A

5. L'Heure, Discussion 2C

6. L'Heure, Writing 2D

7. L'Heure, Section 2 Quiz

8. L'Heure, Writing 3A


Students in year-long courses are beginning their 25th week this week! Wow how time flies! This week students will continue work on their project comparing French and American holidays and celebrations. Assignments due this week include:

1. La Famille, Project 2D

2. La Famille, Speaking 2E

3. La Famille, Section 2 Quiz

4. La Famille, Discussion 3B

All students will receive a progress report this week. The report is due from teachers on Tuesday, February 23 and should be available in registration on Thursday, February 25. Please inquire at your child's school for information on progress report distribution.
As a part of the requirements of the course, students are expected to attend live sessions with any French I instructor (1 session/unit). The dates/times of live sessions will be provided in this section of the newsletter each week. Instructors will communicate with students in course announcements should there be any change.

* Monday, 2/22 @ 12pm w/ Mme Mary Hansbrough (Unit 4)
* Wednesday, 2/24 @ 6:30 w/ Mme Maria Yandell (Unit 7 - YL Schedule)
* Wednesday, 2/24 @ 8pm w/ Mme Karen Miller (Unit 4)
* Thursday, 2/25 @ 12pm w/ Mme Ashley Padgett (Unit 7 - YL Schedule)
* Thursday, 2/25 @ 6:30 w/ Mme Jean McDaniel (Unit 4)
* Thursday, 2/25 @ 8pm w/ Mme Melissa Harrelson (Unit 4)
* Friday, 2/26 @ 10am w/ Mme Susan Cowan (Unit 7 - YL Schedule)

Note that while the course calendars for Tradition, Early Calendar and Year-Long courses do not align, students may choose to attend any live session of their choosing. Students are also welcome to attend more than one session for extra practice! Students need to log in with both first and last name to ensure they receive credit for attendance. Those who phone in using the teleconference option need to identify themselves to the instructor presenting so their attendance is documented!

SOFTWARE UPDATES - Please check your software versions!

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Several important media software programs have recently released updates. If you or your students are experiencing issues with course media (particularly audio on quizzes and tests), please check the versions of Java, Adobe FlashPlayer and QuickTime installed on your machine. You can check your versions at the websites below:

***Java - http://java.com/en/download/testjava.jsp

If you need to update Java, you will need to clear your cache of prior versions. To do that on a PC:

1. Click on the Start button at the bottom of your screen.
2. Click on Control Panel
3. Double-click on Java.
4. Click on the Settings button (under Temporary Files) and then select Delete Files button, then click OK.
5. Click OK again.
6. Close the Java Control Panel.

On a Mac, you can clear out the Java cache by

1. Open your finder.
2. Select Utilities
3. Select Java Preferences
4. Under Network, click "delete files."

***Flash - https://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/)

***QuickTime - http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001071.htm

Please note the following when updating QuickTime on a PC (if you are a Mac user, please see your instructor for separate instructions):

We have found that in the latest version of QuickTime player, the web plug-in isn't automatically installed with the QuickTime program. I am hoping the directions below will solve this problem.

If you are installing QuickTime 7.7.9 or above you should select the "Custom" install option instead of a "Typical" install, so that you can include the optional QuickTime Web Plug-in. If you have already installed or updated QuickTime, you can add the browser plugin using these steps:

Find the Quicktime Installer file you downloaded previously and double-click it. (Alternatively, open the Windows Control Panel, choose Programs, then Programs and Features, select QuickTime from the list of installed programs and click Change.)
In the "QuickTime for Windows" window that opens, select Modify.

In the "QuickTime Product Features" window, choose Optional QuickTime Features and, under QuickTime Web Plug-in chose the drop-down option, Entire feature will be installed on local hard drive.
Click the Change button.

The QuickTime installation will complete and the browser plugin will be installed. If you see an installation error, close Firefox (if open) and try again. When you next open Firefox you should see the QuickTime plugin listed in the Add-ons Manager.


You will still have to allow the plugin to run in Firefox (enable media). A grey triangle will appear over a lock. Click the lock/triangle, then the arrow right and select "Disable protection for now."

Nos Temps Préférés

Sections 1 & 2 - Mme Claire Driscoll

"Mon temps préféré of the day is the early morning. J'aime courrir (run) with mon chien (dog) around 6:30am. It's super peaceful and rejuvenating."

Section 3 - Mme Mary Hansbrough

"My favorite time of day is l'après-midi (afternoon). I can take mon vélo (bike) around the neighborhood after I finish mes devoirs (work)."

Section 4 - Mme Melissa Harrelson

"Je ne suis pas du tout (not at all) a morning person, unless absolutely necessary! You will often find me watching some of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon before je me couche (I go to bed). Mon temps préféré would be late afternoon and early evening. The rush of the day is past and I can look forward to 'winding-down'. Unless of course, I'm grading French work!"

Section 6 - Mme Jean McDaniel

"J'aime le matin (the morning)! J'aime sentir (smell) le café et manger le pain avec de la confiture et du beurre. I love the feeling of waking up and feeling rested. Le matin me plaît (Morning pleases me). Et toi, qu'est-ce que tu aimes? Tu aimes le matin, l'après-midi, ou le soir? Partagez avec moi! Share your favorite time of day with me too! :)"

Section 7 & YL Section 1 - Mme Susan Cowan

Section 8 - Mme Karen Miller

"Late at night has always been mon temps préféré. Something about the le ciel noir (black sky), the stars (les étoiles), the moon (la lune), it has always seemed magical to me. I have always enjoyed the peace of la nuit (night). I find that I am most awake and most vibrant while others sleep."

YL Section 2 - Mme Laura Summers

"Mon anniversaire est le vingt-deux mars!"

YL Section 3 - Mme Ashley Padgett

"J'adore le coucher du soleil (sunset). J'aime prendre des photos (I love taking pictures) du soleil avec les belles couleurs de rose et orange. I also love sunset because it means that my family will be all together again under one roof to begin to prepare for the next day."