Personalised Learning Center

Learn by practicing!


Personalised Learning Center is a transparent learning platform supported by learning and knowledge analytics to measure student/Learner progress, teacher effectiveness and content tuned to the interests of students/learners to impart learning.

Experience personalisation!

Enjoy learning through practice, with content tuned to your interests!


Powerful teaching tools with analytics. Better workflows for you. Practical professional development services. The industry leading marketplace of digital curriculum. It all adds up to a better educational experience and better outcomes for all.

21st Century Learning

A personalized learning solution that can integrate with the existing schooling system and enhance the learning and teaching experience by facilitating a

  • Learn by practice mode of learning
  • Socratic method of teaching
  • Concept inventory approach to assessment
  • Supported by gamification and interaction mechanics to enhance the learning experience.
  • An E-portfolio to show case the learning and achievements for students and teachers.