Dimond Newsblast

October 17, 2023


PTSA will be providing staff with lunch during the October 25th conferences with Alaska Berry & Board!

This year’s PTSA meal to our fantastic Dimond Staff will be a grazing table which should hopefully make grabbing food easier and fun! The PTSA strives to make the Dimond staff feel special that day and get their bellies full and ready to tackle conferences!

We would love it if families could help out by providing dessert and water. Please see the SignupGenius link and we thank you for your help!


End of Quarter and Parent-Teacher Conferences

The 1st quarter ends on this Friday, October 20th, which is an in-service day, so students will not attend that day.

Parent-teacher conferences are next week, on October 25th.

Students will attend their Wednesday classes in abbreviated form: Period 2,3,5,6.

We’ll use the following schedule for conferences:

11:00 AM: Student Dismissal

11:45 AM: Parent-teacher conferences begin

2:30 PM-4:00 PM: Teacher Break

4:00 PM-7:00 PM: Parent-teacher conferences resume

7:00 PM: Parent Teacher Conferences conclude

Yearbook Distribution

There will be another chance to pick up your pre-ordered yearbook during parent teacher conferences on Wednesday Oct. 25th.

Excessive Absences

Students with 10 absences from class(es) will be placed on Attendance Probation and be assigned a contract.

Withdrawal of credit for non-attendance may occur for the entire semester on the fifteenth (15th) absence of that semester.

Again, If you believe your students’ absence was reported incorrectly, please have them go to the Attendance Office and obtain an Attendance Correction Form.

For more information visit ASD’s website on Attendance!

King Tech

Juniors and Seniors! Registration is open for King Tech 2nd semester, please see your counselor ASAP to find out which classes are being offered and if the program fits with your schedule. Visit King Tech’s home page for more information.

AP Test Signup and Payment Information 2024

Information regarding Advanced Placement testing can be found on the Dimond High School website here: www.asdk12.org/DimondAP This website will be routinely updated throughout the year.

Payment must be made online in Q Parent Connect starting September 20th or in person to Karen Pritchard (please make an appointment, 742-7022).

The deadline for test payment without a late penalty is Wednesday, November 1st at 3pm.

Test Fee (per test): $105 (Late signup test fee: $145)

Fee reductions are available for those who qualify; contact Amber Jaasma, jaasma_amber@asdk12.org (907) 742-7063

Absolute last date to order a test or request a refund for canceled tests is Thursday, February 15, 2024 by 3pm.

No changes to the test order will take place after this date. Note that all tests paid for after November 1st will incur the $40 late fee ($145 per test).

Home/Work Tutoring Options

Math Support will unfortunately be canceled this week, the week of October 16th. It will resume on October 23rd, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, in room B108. A reminder that it is typically offered these dates from 2:15 to 3:15. All levels of math are welcome.

Anti-Bullying and Social Media Awareness

Bullying is not a new issue for teenagers, but social media seems to exacerbate the impact bullying and cyberbullying can have on the health and wellness of adolescents.

At Dimond, we have had a recent increase in reports of cyberbullying through social media posts. Students thought these groups were school sanctioned, but Dimond staff did not create, nor do we monitor, any social media groups unrelated to specific clubs and/or sports.

The app at the center of this is Snap Chat, and the group that is named in the reports is DHS 2027, although we have knowledge that a group exists for each grade level, created by the app itself.

We are asking families to speak with their teenagers about the dangers of social media, the very real impact words and images can have on others, and how to be a kind digital citizen. We are having these same conversations at school and hope that a team approach will have a positive influence on the culture at Dimond.

Schools are not able to monitor social media, but families can. We appreciate the conscientious students who reported the harmful comments. If you see something, say something, it makes a difference

Grades Matter! Academic Eligibility for Sports and Activities

Students participating in sports or all-state academic/ fine arts activities must remain academically eligible. Eligibility is checked at the beginning of the 1st and 2nd semesters, as well as the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd quarters. ASD VIRTUAL STUDENTS be aware that although virtual courses are self-paced, a quarter grade will be given based on your work completed during the grading period. This grade counts towards your academic eligibility. Students that are not eligible will not be able to participate in their sport or activity.

Activity Stickers

Activity Stickers are available for purchase online through ParentConnection. The cost is $50.00 for the school year. This will get your student into any home or away game during the school year. Your student will receive a label on their Student ID they will need to present at the games.


DoorDash/ GrubHub/ UberEats

Please do not allow your students to use a food delivery app to get their lunches to school. WE CAN NOT accept them at the front office and will not pull them from class to accept an order. Starting today, Tuesday, October 10th, all food deliveries will be rejected or left outside the school.

If your student must use a food delivery app for their lunch it must be delivered to them during lunch, outside the building.

Don’t forget we have great hot school lunches available 5 days a week! Visit Student Nutritions website for more information. (https://www.asdk12.org/Page/13240)

High School Remote Learning Days

If there are weather-related closure days this school year, these days will be declared by the District as remote learning days for ASD schools. In the event of a school closure, students should bring their Chromebooks and chargers home every day. Teachers will post assignments on Canvas the morning of the closure day. Assignments can include continued focus on previously assigned content or a new assignment for the day. Zoom office hours from 9:00 a.m-10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m will be available for students to consult with their teacher. The Zoom links should be posted on the teacher’s Canvas page. This general information will be communicated to families on remote learning days as a part of the District's communication plan.

Parking Permits

Parking Permits will be FREE again this 2023/2024 school year! HOWEVER, a physical Parking Permit Form must still be completed, once the physical forms have been signed by both students and parents, a parking permit placard will be issued. You can pick-up the physical Parking Permit Forms in the front office from Mrs. Pritchard. The parking permit placard will be good for the entire school year. Placards must be shown in your vehicle at all times. Parking fines will and have been issued to those who do not have a parking permit or are parking in pre-assigned parking spots, such as the dedicated spot for our APD RSO.

Early Dismissal

If you need to pick up your student between 1:30 pm and 2:00 pm, please call the front desk, 907-742-7000, prior 1:30 pm for a Blue Pass. We will make our best effort to get a Blue Pass to your student; however, the last 30 minutes of the school day tends to be a very busy time in the front office. Unfortunately, this makes it so blue passes called in after 1:30 pm are not guaranteed to get to your student before the final bell rings at 2:00 pm.

Warm Regards,

Principal Johnson-Harris