Google Extensions


Tired of having too many extensions in your toolbar? Try Extensity, the ultimate tool for lightning fast enabling and disabling of all your Google Chrome extensions. Just enable the extension when you want to use it, and disable when you want to temporarily remove it. You can also launch Chrome Apps right from the list.


Install the Extensity extension to your Google Chrome Browser and enjoy having your extensions and apps without all the chaos. For CREDIT, you will need to snap a picture of Extensity with all your extensions/apps being enabled or disabled and share the picture on twitter using the #HeritageExplorers and #HEtech hashtags.


Get Extensity

  • Go to the Google Chrome Web Store

  • Search for Extensity

  • Find extensity on the list (It should be the first one)

  • Click on extensity, a new window will open

  • Click the blue button on the upper right hand corner that says “+ add to Chrome”

  • A new pop up window will open and it will say “cancel” or “add”, click Add.

  • Now extensity will be automatically on your Google Chrome Bar.

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Managing Extensity

  • Anytime you add any app or extension it will automatically show in the Extensity extension.

  • If you click on the Extensity logo you will be able to see all your apps and extensions. From here you can ‘turn on/off” any of your apps with just one click.

  • If you “turn off” an app/extension it will be removed from your Bar. The app is still there it is just not running.
  • If you want the app/extension to be “turned on”, click the extensity icon and click what app/extension you want to be on.