Cristiano Ronaldo

Biography by: Julius A

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Early Life

Cristiano Ronaldo He was born in Madeira Portugal on Febuary 5,1985.He was introduced to soccer when he was 10 cause his godfather was a club manager.His father died of kidney problems in 2005, cause he drank to much.He loved soccer so much he wouldn't eat his food so he could play soccer,he would sneak out of his window when hes post to be doing his home work to play soccer.In his teens he became really really good at it.


He is a pro and famous soccer player known for his great skill.At the age of 17 he joined the team Sporting Libson,in 2002 he won portugese championship with Sporting.In 2003 he joined Manchester United he helped them win championship.In 2004 he played with portugese in the olympic games.He played with the portugese in the world cup vs Germany in 2006.

Impact on society

Cristiano Ronaldo had a great impact on the world by entertaining them.He has good speed and dribbling skills he is the best soccer player,Messi may have more trophies but Ronaldo has more goals scored.He does charity and gives Christmas gifts to all the children in Portugal.

Research Questions

Manchester United paid Cristiano Ronaldo 12 million to sign him in 2003.He got a record fee for his age cause he was young when he went pro.In 2004 in the FA cup e scored the first three goals for Manchester United. Cristiano Ronaldo is the youngest of four children. his father named after his favorite actor Ronald Reagon. Real Madrid paid 131 million to sign him over.I picked this person because he was a very interesting person and my favorite soccer player so I wanted to know ore about him.