Pancha Ganapati

The Hindu celebration of Lord Ganesha

When and who celebrates Pancha Ganapati?

Pancha Ganapati takes place on December 21 through 25. It was invented in 1985.This is celebrated by Hindu lord Ganesha.

How was Panachi Ganapati celebrated

It is celebrated by having outing,picnics,feast, and exchange of cards and gifts with relatives,friend, and business associates.

Day 1 of Pancha Ganapati

You create a vibration of love and harmony for your family members.

The color of the first day is golden yellow.

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Day 2 of Pancha Ganapati

The day is devoted to creating a vibration of love and harmony among neighbors relaives and close friends.

The color of the second day is Royal Blue.

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Day 3 of Pancha Ganapati

Day 3 of Panacha Ganapati is to establish love and harmony among business associate and the public. To honor employers and employees.

The color of the third day is ruby red.

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Day 4 of Pancha Ganapati

The purpose of Day 4 in Pancha Ganapati is to draw forth the vibrations of joy and harmony that comes from music, art, drama, dance.

The color of the fourth day is emerald green.

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Day 5 of Pancha Ganapati

The purpose of day 5 of Pancha Ganapati is to bring forth harmony, charity, and religiousness. Inspire love that comes from them a new them for the upcoming year.

The color for the fifth day is brilliant orange.

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