Educational Difference of Korea&USA

Big differences

Daily Life in Korea/USA

Korean students looks really tired and having a really hard days everyday.Like this picture in the left they looks sad and has no smiles at all.Everyday is tired and teacher had no mercy .However i wasn't tired or felt bad because I wasn't working on my workI, just hanged out with friends and spent my time playing sports in school varsity basketball team&soccer or doing something that excludes the word"Study".We can't even play sports in common time because they believe that sports are making our head

stupid and useless.After this you can think thats all about to do,However the truth is we have more afternoon classes.Our school ends at 3:05 or 4:00 and go to afternoon class till 10pm.Its crazy to do it and Its ridiculous.

But in here It's totally reversed from that curriculum.Exactly reversed..

Rates of students percentage of satisfication

Now you can see the different rates
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