Come Sail With Columbus?

By: Gabby

Why Sail With Columbus?

Columbus and you would sail of to find a western sea route to China, India, and the fabled gold and spice islands of Asia. You can board one of Columbu's 3 ships from an European port.

What issues can occur while sailing with Columbus? (legal matter)

On previous voyages the issues that Columbus had was that ships sank, and some violent weather. There are also some violent people, but there would be consequences. The food stock was not always at a good amount. There was a water shortage. Columbus did not have a map and was using the heavens and the sky to guide him. I can assure you that almost all these problems were fixed and these only happen on rare occasions.

Some controversies that Columbus encountered.

One controversy is that when he meet the natives he spread deceases to them that they have never discovered. Some people viewed Columbus as a man who discovered the Americas, for Europe, but others view him as a man that only wanted wealth and breached all humanity to get there. Columbus can be viewed in your perspective when you travel with us.

Columbus' Smart Ideas

Columbus wanted to be a great sailer, so when he was younger he learned Latin. He had a brilliant idea to sail west, and wanted to find new trade routs. Columbus was a great captain, and knew that the world was round and that is why he discovered the west. Columbus was a great explorer and would be a great person to sail and explore with!

Colombus' Not so Great Ideas

Colombus' bad idea was that his mind was only set on gold and glory, nothing else. Because of that goal he did kill many people and almost whipped out an entire civilization. Columbus would make natives go find him gold (there was none) if they came back empty handed they would get killed. Columbus goal got in the way of him being human, and doing the right thing.

Guaranteed to be an experience that you never forget!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people should read about sailing out to sea before taking this voyage. Is this a fun experience? Would people recommend me to sail and explore with Columbus? Will this be a learning experience for me?