Silurian Time Period

By: Teariny Brooks

Major geologic events

Coral reefs develop

Early continents collide with what is called now North America forming mountains

What was the climate like?

Global climate was warm and dry/wet because it was beach's and oceans.

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Animals and plant living at that time

The plants and animals were fish with jaws land plants starting to appear and also insects and spiders started to appear. The animals were mostly jawed fish.
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Glaciers remained at high latitudes, but lower latitudes were relatively warm and arid conditions led to the formation of extensive evaporite (salt) deposits near the equator. It also, had a lot of oceans and beaches.
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The main things travelers might see

Fish, insects, plants, and lots of oceans or water. Also a lot of coral reefs. They will mostly be ether in the water or on beaches.

What should travelers pack for comfort and safety?

They should pack life jackets food, water, and bring researches books on which water or food in the time period of what's poisonous and non poisonous. Summer wear and swimsuits/swim trunks.
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What dangers might travelers face?

The dangers of drowning or poisonous insects. Also, running out of food.