HBE Insider

Harvey Brown Elementary

It's testing week!

Baby it's cold outside! Staff members can wear jeans/warm winter wear January 19-January 29 for a donation of $1 a day. See Patricia before January 15th to reserve your dates and pick up your pass.


Please keep a close watch for non-staff members who are attempting to enter the school. All visitors must enter through the front door. If you find anyone in the building without a visitor badge, please escort them to the front office.

Friday is an Early Release Day and Parent/Teachers Conferences. Be sure to notify the front office if you have scheduled conferences with parents.

Erick Cork will be on campus next Monday to work with 4th grade students. The workshop will be held in the auditorium. Teachers must be on time to pick up students from lunch because the auditorium will not be available as a holding area.

Grades are due January 19th by 4:00.

Power PLCs will start January 25th. This will allow for teachers to continue mid-year testing the week of the 19th. Teachers must bring completed Data Protocol sheets to the meeting. The Data cards that were distributed last week should be brought with you to the Power PLC.

The technology team is working to replace instructional stations. Please be sure to back information on your computer.

We have been notified of teacher websites that are not updated. Please double check to ensure that you have current information on your site.