University of Texas

Subjunctive notes:

The subjunctive form is not really a tense it is more like a feeling a way of being uncertain but to a certain point. With subjunctive the idea is to not be 100% certain or uncertain it is to be in-between both because it is the unknown. To write in the subjunctive form it should always be negative and you have to be sure to the word "que" which should ALWAYS be followed but a verb in the present tense. The verbs will be conducted with opposite endings ( -ar to -er and er/-ir verbs will change to -ar). To help there is an acronym to let you know what verbs to use that of course should be following the word "que"


W: Wish

E: Emotion

I: Impersonal expressions

R: Recommendations

D: Doubt

O: Ojala (God willing…)

There is also an acronym to help you know which verbs to use in the POSITIVE form..


V: Verdad

O: Obvio

C: Cierto

E: Evidente

S: Seguro

Subjunctive sentences:

W- Yo querer que ir a la universitario de tejas.

Y también querer gradue con honorables.

E- Me gustar que sa esta escuela no estaba muy cara.

Me gusta que

I- Es muy importante que trabaje para ir a esta escuela.

También es muy importante que estudio mucho.

R- Muchas personas que reconmiendan estudiar para el SAT.

Muchas personas recomiendan que tente experiencia de colegio completa.

D- No creo que tendrá tiempo para salir si me aceptan.

O- Ojala que se una buena abogada.

Olaja que me acepten en una escuela tan buena como ut.


In an urban city with about 885,400 people UT Austin has about 50,000 students and has an acceptance rate of about 46%. Some requirements to get accepted would be SAT scores should be between 1670-2060, ACT scores should be between 25-3, and lastly GPA should be between 3.42-3.78. For dorms the prices can range from 9,000 - 15,000 dollars.

Fun facts:

-Ut's mascot is of course the one and only BEVO!

- I would like to major in criminal justice.

- I would not have to take a language for my major but i might because it does help.

- A UT head cheerleader was the first to throw the Hook 'em Horns hand signal at 1955 pep rally at Gregory Gym.

- Orange and white ribbon was the most in stock at a general store when two UT fans stopped in on their way to an 1885 baseball game to get ribbons for the crowd. UT adopted them as school colors in 1900.