Instructional Update

December 2, 2015

My attempt at Flip !

We are flipping our meeting so to speak ! Here are some items we should all be aware of but may not have the time in our meeting today to address.

Odds & Ends ...

  • Course recommendations - Recommendations are now open for rising sophomores and juniors. Please ask your department to have their recommendations in by Monday, December 15th. It is critical these recommendations are in and well thought out by each teacher.
  • Exam Schedule - Please be sure your department members follow the exam schedule. Any changes need to be brought to your attention- in writing to you. Here is the link to the schedule
  • Early/Late Exams - If any student needs to take an exam early or late, they will need approval from me. The exam early/late Google form is posted on the IHS website (home page) as well as on the guidance page. As the requests come in, Mrs. Henderson will notify each teacher in order to set up an earlier or later time to take the exam.
  • AP Endorsement - I have contacted a few of you to determine which classes you would like to train one of your department members. Tami Richardson is working with us to determine our immediate needs however we would like to plan long term. We may have additional opportunities for training. If we are offered more spaces, I will let you know asap.
  • On your department meeting agenda - In December, I need for you to dedicate 20 minutes to do our last AdvancED standard. We will complete Standard 2 (Governance and Leadership Systems) via the Google Doc just like the last standard. In January, please add " syllabus restructure" to your department meeting agenda. We would like to begin a school wide discussion to begin streamlining departmental expectations. We will talk more about this in the coming meetings but I wanted to let you know in advance just in case you prepare early.
  • Logic Model/ Cycle of Change posters - Shelly will be placing posters of the logic model (shared with us from Dr. Elam, cultural competency) in highly visible areas for teachers i.e. lounges, work rooms.

Action Items - Next Meeting

Here are a few agenda items we tackle next meeting

  • i5 Initiative
  • Annual Awards Ceremony
  • Planning for 2015-2016
  • Testing - ACT, Workkeys,NAEP, EOC, MAP, AP, IB
  • EOC Course PD offer

Manage Print

Houston....we think we solved the problem !

The consultant from Manage Print came by last week and shared a few ways we may be able to resolve the issues with paying for printing. Some of the cost of printing will have to come out of your supply accounts. If your department has print cartridges that were purchased prior to network printers being labeled, please inquire with Ronda Richardson you may be eligible for a credit.

Awards Ceremony

Annual Awards Ceremony Expansion

We would like to expand our annual awards ceremony but we need your help to do so. The expansion of the program will need to include athletics as well. There will need to be a lot of discussion and planning but the outcome will be worth the work. Some examples of awards would be Best in math, athlete of the year male and female.

I have created a Google Form for us to begin sharing our ideas. Please put on your December agenda to talk with your department about what awards you would like to offer from your department.

Here is the form...

Hour of Code

Please encourage your teachers to participate after exams

Hour of Code is coming to Irmo High for the second year! Mark your calendars for December 15-19 for the Hour of Code activities. This is exam week, so doing an Hour of Code activity during class periods in which you are not giving exams is a great, engaging way wrap up class before the holiday break.

All Math and CATE teachers have been asked to participate during the week so that all Irmo High students will have an opportunity to be a part of this enriching activity. However, any teacher that wants can also join in! Lessons are pre-made so for most lessons, you don't have to do anything at all past getting your students started. Lots of activities will be hosted on, including activities that do not need computers, iPads or any technology at all. Sign up at to be counted!

If you want more information about this worldwide event, why it is a beneficial activity for all students, or how you can participate, talk with Heather Boudreaux or check out

Remind / Calendars

Keeping us all together !

As a way to stay connected and informed, we will begin using Remind to send reminders, changes and notifications to faculty and staff. We will ask everyone to sign up, or at least take the information needed to sign up, on Wednesday during the faculty meeting.

I would like for us to sign up as a instructional group. We can do it in our next meeting.

I thought I'd share a video with you ....