All about Zebras

By Charlie Brook


Did you know that the zebra lives in eastern and southern Africa. There are at least five different names for the zebra such as mountain zebra, common zebra, plains zebra, Burch ells zebra, and Grevys zebra. If you want to know more about this fascinating creature,then read on.

Body Features

Since zebras have long and slender legs that means zebras can reach up to 25mph when they run. They also have one toe on each foot, they walk on the tips where it is protected with their tough shell.

Zebra's habitat

Mountain zebras go high up in the mountain and graze in the green grass. Down on the ground the grevys zebra in the arid grasslands and sub-dessert throughout Ethiopia

Eating Habits

The zebra is a herbivore that means that they eat a lot of grass and leaves. There sharp teeth allow them to nibble on the tough ends of grass. They spend 80% of there day grazing in the grass.


If you want a zebra as a pet, good luck. They live in the grasslands and plains to.
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