The white Death

By Herve Nzita

Biting problems

The great white also known as the "The white Death" is the most feared animal in the ocean. They strike the most fear into a human heart in the ocean. They have a tendency of biting people while swimming, but are great white sharks really that bad?

Huge Attributes

Great white sharks are feared because of their size and sharp teeth they can get up to 20ft. That is the size of school bus. When a shark's teeth fall out it automatically grows back. That's because they have rows of teeth behind the on we can actually see. We don't exactly know how many teeth they have. They are also really fast reaching up to speeds of 15mph. They use this speed to catch unsuspecting prey.


Great white sharks eat tons of food, but their favorite is seals and sea lions.They love the stuff because they have tons of fat. They also eat tuna, other smaller sharks, sea turtles, otters, small whales. The great white can be found near the coast of all the oceans. You can also find them in shallow waters. When you swim in shark territory they might bite you my accident. When you are swimming they think you look like a seal so they rush in to bite. When they realize that you are no a seal they will back away immediately. Barely anybody dies from their bite. It is super rare.

Endangered creatures

Great white sharks are amazing creature, but those amazing creatures are endangered. People have been hunting them for their fins because they sell for lots of money. They hunt them even though they haven't done anything to you. Now are great whites sharks really the terrors of the seas or is it us human while hunting?
P.S Great whites have High levels of mercury so don't eat them.