Nutrient Research Project

Smore Interactive Poster

For optimal health, our bodies need to have recommended amounts of the 6 essential nutrients: protein, water, minerals, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates. You will create an interactive poster to educate others about one of the 6 essential nutrients. You may work alone or with a partner.

Your poster needs to:

  1. have a name

  2. identify your chosen nutrient

  3. explain the role/function of the nutrient in the body

  4. describe why your nutrient is so important

  5. state the amount needed of this nutrient each day, and whether this amount differs from person to person

  6. indicate what percentage of daily calories should come from this nutrient (if there are calories in your nutrient)

  7. identify at least 10 quality food sources of the nutrient

  8. provide 2 interesting facts about your nutrient

  9. include a minimum of five interactive elements on the poster (text, podcast, video clips, animations, hyperlinks to resources)

  10. include bibliography links

How do I get started?

First, you will need to gather information on your nutrient. You can start a new Google Document to keep track of your information so that you do not lose it. Use trusted websites and handouts from class to complete your research. Keep track of all your resources.

Gather interactive elements to include in your interactive poster. You will need to save pictures to your folder so that you can easily import them. Keep track of your URLs.

Go to www. and create a new flyer. You should choose "Start from Blank". Add text, pictures, audio, website links, videos, and anything else you can to enhance your poster.

Click on the link below to see how you will be marked on this assignment.

Submit your completed Smore through the assignment in our Google Classroom.