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The inventors of the Renaissance period had some of the most innovative imaginations that have impacted out daily life today. Da Vinci, Gutenburg, Galileo, and Henlein all wanted to inspire and influence the future with their ideas, and they did just that.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Johannes Gutenburg

Johannes Gutenburg was a German goldsmith that was most well known for his invention of the Gutenberg press, a printing press that allowed mass copies of books and other documents to be made and spread throughout the world. The first book he mass produced was the Bible.

Galileo Galilei

Galileo was born in Pisa, Italy. One day he heard about the Dutch creating a spyglass (later known as telescope) to use militarily to see distant actions of other armies. It had not been patented yet, so Galileo went to work. He ended up inventing the first 10 power telescope and presented it to the Senate. He later used them for astronomy instead of for the military.

Peter Henlein

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The Pocket Watch

Peter Henlein was a clock maker from Nuremberg, Germany. In 1510 he made his first pocket watch and soon many nobles from near and far were asking for one even though they were very expensive due to lack of supply. His idea turned into an invention that revolutionized clocks today.