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8th_SS_Study Island (SI): Quiz Week of 1/2 (Due 1/6)

Welcome back!

This week's Study Island quiz is all about Adams, Hamilton and Jefferson!

Be sure to review chapters 1-3 in the textbook (Volume B) before taking it!

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Previous Quizzes

8th_SS_Study Island (SI): Quiz 14 (Week of 12/5, Due 12/9)

This week's quiz is a review!!!

Be sure to scroll down and review everything listed on previous quizzes (7-13). Once you are comfortable with the information, take the quiz!!!

8th_SS_Study Island (SI): Quiz 13 (Week of 11/28, Due 12/2)


This week is all about the creation of the New Nation. The American Revolution has been fought and won and the United States is working hard to find a system of government that works.

Before taking this week's test, brush up on the following...

1. The weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

2. The difference between a federalist and an anti-federalist

3. The Great Compromise and the 3/5 Compromise

4. Define "Republicanism"

Take your time and do well!!!

8th_SS_Study Island (SI): Quiz 12 (Week of 11/14, Due 11/18)

This week's quiz will cover some review questions about the American Revolution, as well as some questions about the Articles of Confederation. Be sure you know the strengths and weaknesses!

Bonus video:

8_SS_Study Island (SI): Quiz 11 (Week of 11/7, Due 11/11)

This week is all about the people of the American Revolution!

Be sure to study the folks we discussed in class before taking the quiz!

Some names to get you started...

8_SS_Study Island (SI): Quiz 10 (Week of 10/31, Due 11/4)

This week's quiz is a review!!! Yay!!!

Take the time to scroll down this page reviewing all the helps from previous quizzes. Then you should be ready to jump in and take this week's quiz!!!

8_SS_Study Island (SI): Quiz 9 (Week of 10/24, Due 10/28)

For this week's quiz you're going to want to read through the lesson on the American Revolution in Study Island!

Because this is the week of homeroom changes, quiz 9 will be excused if you don't complete it!

Go to the social studies portion of Study Island, find the American Revolution lesson and read through it before taking your quiz!

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8th_SS_Study Island (SI): Quiz 7 (Week of 10/11, Due 10/14)

This is the last Study Island quiz of the quarter! Yay!

Before taking this week's quiz, review the following...


2. Describe the Magna Carta and it's influence on the government in the colonies.

Bonus Video:

Make sure you review the chart below as well...

8th_SS_Study Island (SI): Quiz 6 (Week of 10/3, Due 10/7)

Be sure to know the following before taking this week's quiz...

1. Be able to define the words ECONOMY and MERCANTILISM

2. Review the economy/land/weather chart we completed in class (Hint: watch the recording if you didn’t save the slides!)

3. Know where Jamestown was located and what crop helped make it a success

Take your time and do a great job!!!!

8th_SS_Study Island (SI): Quiz 5 (Week of 9/26, Due 9/30)

This week's quiz is all about the who and why behind the 13 colonies!

Bonus Video:

What do I need to know before taking this week's quiz???

1. Jamestown and Plymouth - who settled there and why?

2. What are some differences between the Pilgrims and the Puritans?

3. New England Colonies - Who were the leaders? Why were they formed?

Bonus Video:

Now take your quiz:)

8th_SS_Study Island (SI): Quiz 3 (Week of 9/12, Due on 9/16)

What do I need to know before taking this week's quiz?

1. Brush up on the Bill of Rights. What is it? Where is it found?

2. Make sure you know the three parts of the Constitution. What are they?

Bonus Video:

Now that you've prepared, GO TAKE YOUR QUIZ!!!!!

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