!!Fashion Designer!!

The love of design.- Nashelly M.

Cluster & My choice

The cluster of this job is the arts,A/V Technology & communications.

I choose this career because...........

1. It pays enough money.

2. I would love to work to work on fashion.

3. I would also want to work with people that have tons of creativity.

At the job you would...

*have self control

*have honesty

*have your opinion

*Take charge



Hourly/yearly $$

*the money you get hourly is $30.78

*the money you get yearly is $64,030

The career increases by 2% to 4% by 2024

!! I choose you should too!!

*There's some team decisions

*I can draw some designs

*helps communicate with others



*2 years of training

*MUST have associate's degree and bachelor's degree

! Information about the career !

*The job is indoors at an office

*Wear something professional like a suit

*there will be group decisions

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