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May 2023

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  • Upcoming Events
  • MEFA Presentation
  • Summer Employment
  • College Planning
  • Transitioning to College
  • Senior Decision Windows
  • Mental Health

Upcoming Events


Tuesday, May 23rd: 9:11am-9:36 am (Activity Period)-Junior college planning-checklist of summer tasks

MEFA Presentation

In early April, MEFA held a presentation on understanding financial aid offers and paying the college bill. If you missed the presentation, you can view the recorded presentation and corresponding slides here.

Summer Employment

Summer is right around the corner! Having a summer job can help you kick start your resume and help you earn money. Click this link to see the job postings we have listed on our school counseling website!

College Planning

Juniors, it is time to start planning for after high school. If you plan on attending college, now is a good time to start the college search. Here are a few tips to help you get started in the college planning process:

  • The college search: Searching for colleges to apply to can be challenging. The SuperMatch tool on Naviance can help you narrow down your list of colleges to apply to with the criteria you're looking for in a college. U.S. News and World Report have some helpful tips to check out as well.

  • Ask two teachers if they can write a letter of recommendation for you. Make sure to ask those teachers in person. Once you add those teachers to Naviance, fill out the teacher letter of recommendation surveys as well as the school counselor survey. This will help them get a better understanding of you and your accomplishments!

  • The college essay is an important part of your college application. Make sure you write an essay that's true to yourself. Try bouncing off ideas with family, friends, and your school counselor! Start drafting your essay now, and continue to edit it throughout the summer. You'll be glad that you started it sooner rather than later. The College Essay Guy has some helpful tips and tricks that can help you through the college essay writing process. Click here to review the CommonApp essay prompts.

Transitioning to College

Transitioning from high school to any post-secondary plan can be overwhelming, but it marks an important milestone in life! The JED Foundation has a helpful article to help seniors who are transitioning to college, covering topics you may face in your transition from high school to college.

Senior Decision Windows

Seniors, it's that time of year where you are making your post-secondary decisions. Whether you decided on what college you're attending, joining the military, or you plan to work, we want to celebrate you! If you have not written your plans on the windows outside our office, make sure you stop by! Check out our Instagram to see what our windows look like so far!

Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This month serves as an awareness around the importance of mental health. Be sure to check out our Mental Health Awareness Month newsletter for more information!

Finish the School Year Strong!

As the school year is winding down, it is important to still keep up your grades and finish the year strong! Here are some tips to help you successfully get to the end of the school year!

  • Set goals
  • Stay organized
  • Stay motivated: What has been motivating for so far that has helped you get to this point? Or maybe you have fun summer plans you're looking forward to. Either way, staying motivated will help you finish the school year strong!
  • Take a break: Practice self-care and take some time to enjoy the weather
  • Visualize the finish line: Visualize yourself crossing the finish line. Or, create a countdown for the last day of school. We have more than a month left, but the end is in sight!

It may be tempting to start coasting as the school year starts to wind down. But you have the ability to finish this school year strong! Things may be overwhelming between school and life in general. Below are some tips to help you manage stress.
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