Alyssa Denman 5/6 A

Climate & Language

Peru's Languages are Spanish; Quechua; and Aymara. The typical climate for Peru is very Mild. Mild mean temperatures are just right like not Too Hot or Too Cold it is just right!!! For Instance in the Capital Lima gets to only 65° F.

Boarding Countries/ Bodies of Water

Ecuador, Brazil, and the Pacific Ocean border Peru in South America!! :)


Spaniard Francisco Pizarro first saw Peru in 1525. He was so impressed with the wealth of Incan Empire that he came back in 1532. The Incan leader king Atahapa was fighting a civil war against his brother Huascar. Huascar was later killed in the war and his followers helped the Spaniards. The area soon became the richest and most powerful Spanish colony in South America because of its location and many mineral treasures


Peru's Government is a Republic Government. Peru elects a president who serves for 5 years. There are two vice presidents who serve with the president. Laws are made by congress. There are 130 members in the congress!!

Economy of Peru

There are some countries that have their problems with money. Peru had some serious money problems in the recent years. The Peruvian money was with worth barely anything!! They also make money off of Natural resources also. Those resources are Copper, Silver, Gold, Iron ore, Oil, timber, and fish. They also get money from farming. They grow Wheat Potatoes, Sugarcane, Rice, and Coffee beans.


Peruvians LOVE soccer, which is spelled fútbol. A girl sport in Peru is called Volleyball. It is a extremely popular girl sport. A food that is loved in Peru is potatoes. They're boiled, fried, stewed, mashed, or baked and are eaten at almost every meal. Guinea Pigs are eaten throughout the country and are raised in all rural. The religions in Peru are 81.3% are Roman Catholic, 12.5% are Evangelical, 3.3% are other religions, and 2.9% are not a religion. 2/3 of Peruvians live in cities. Most city kids go to school. After School they would work on homework.
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What I think of Peru

I believe that Peru's food is amazing!!!!! I believe that Peru's flag is a pretty flag!!!! :) I feel like that Peru should be like the U.S.A government!!!! :) I believe that Peru has better food then the U.S.A!!! I feel like that Peru has better snacks then the U.S.A!!!!! :)
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1 Challenge and Solution

  1. In the 1990's the Standard of living was Dropping
  • I think Peru should have found more resources that people would want and or buy. Also they could have made better snacks and just in the normal food! Last but not least they should find actives people would enjoy

2 Challenge and Solution

  1. Hospitals are low on certain things and the ones in Lima are very expensive
  • The hospitals in Lima should not be very expensive. Also they should send out people to get the stuff that they need like the medicine, food, etc;.