The Land of the Free!

By Scarlett and Emaan


  • People of Thailand are called Thai.
  • The people that live in Thailand are mostly Buddhist.
  • People in Thailand are mostly farmers.
  • The amount of people living there is about to 60 - 70 million people!


In Thailand March to May is hot and dry, June to October is rainy and November is dry and cooler but Thailand is mostly hot. The temperature is usually around an average of 38 degrees celsius to 19 degrees celsius but in different places, in Thailand, they have different weather.


In Thailand since there are a lot of farmers there are a lot of crops. Their most important crop is rice. Their weather is good for growing rice. There are different types of rice such as fluffy and sticky rice. They also grow sugarcane, corn, bamboo, palm trees, mangroves ,oak, teak, evergreen trees, peanuts and many more.

Natural Resources

In Thailand there are lots of natural resources. In Thailand a river is a resource and it's very important because they use it for bathing, getting water, and having fun. In Thailand the crops can also be natural resources for example bamboo, teak, oak, rice, and evergreen trees


Thailand is a flat region that is 198, 117 square miles. Thailand is bordered to the north with Burma and Laos, east by Cambodia and Laos and south to Malaysia and the gulf of Thailand. In Thailand there are 6 regions known as :Northern Thailand, Northeastern Thailand
,Western Thailand, Central Thailand, Eastern Thailand and Southern Thailand. Landforms are represented by lakes, rivers, mountains, plains, bays ,plateaus and islands. Thailand is a peninsular country.


Thailand's government is a constitution monarchy, which means, a form of government in which a monarch acts as head of state. The king is the head of state and the Thais worship him but he is not the biggest leader of Thailand, the government is. The prime minister and king leads the government. Now Thailand has elections for Kings, government and prime ministers.


Capital of Thailand: Bangkok

Thailand is 50th largest country in the world

Religion: Mostly Buddhist

Their flag has 5 stripes

blue= queen and king

white= purity and religion

red= Thailand


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