Multi-Cellular Organization

By: Kobey Spears


The first level of organization are cells. Cells almost always don't work alone they usually they work with cells similar to them cells so they re creating their own work force and provide for your body.
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The second level of organization. Bone cells when together create a tissue and creates a solid which are your bones.
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Tissues are further organized in organs, organs are the third level of organization. All organs are are different tissues that work together to make your heart which moves blood and oxygen through out your body.
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Organ Systems

organs work alone but many of them cooperate with each other to make organ systems. Organ systems are a group of organs that work together to perform a specific function. Organ systems are the fourth level of organization.
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Organisms are every living thing and has basic living functions. Cells, tissues, organs and organ systems are parts of organisms. Organisms are the fifth level of organization
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