Sir Walter Raleigh

''The Explorer''

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Sir Walter Raleigh

Besides being known for expeditions against Spaniards and in America he brought tobacco to Europe and potato plant to Ireland.
Sir Walter Raleigh English explorer
Sir Walter Raleigh was financed by Queen Elizabeth 1. After Queen Elizabeth died, Sir Walter Raleigh was a foe of king James 1 and imprisoned with a death sentence but was later commuted and Sir Walter Raleigh was freed to lead an expedition to the new world, but his failure sealed his fate.(Cause of death, executed)

Date of birth/death nationality, homeland

Lived Jan. 22 1552 to Death at Oct. 29 1618 (age 66) His nationality is English and he is from England

How he is historically signifigant

Sir Walter Raleigh was known for being a favorite of Queen Elizabeth 1 and he was a poet, explorer, courtier, and a soldier. He wrote a number of poems and fought the Spanish Armada.