Educational Services Newsletter

November 4, 2019

Student/Staff/Parent - Vision & Mission

On October 30, a group of Main Street students, staff and parents gathered together to participate in a Mission/Vision exercise. The session, facilitated by MCOE’s Roberto Nunez and Michelle Ramirez began with students and parents meeting separately from staff to develop their statements. Student wrote about hopes, aspirations and expectations of their school. Staff wrote vision/mission statements. The groups then convened together to hear each other’s statement. The students spoke about values of family, a safe home and support from their parents as well as their teachers. Staff wrote about student achievement and success. Once the students read their statements, staff rewrote their mission/vision statements, infusing elements of support, understanding and empathy for students. It was a powerful experience for all participants.

Constructing Meaning Teacher Day Five

Wednesday, Nov. 6th, 8am

SHS Mission Room

Middle School and High School teachers in cohort 2 will complete their training in CM, an integrated ELD model designed to promote learning through student collaboration and use of academic language

Constructing Meaning Administrator Day Three

Thursday, Nov. 7th, 8am

District Office

Secondary administrators along with directors and coordinators will complete their training in CM and visit classrooms where CM is in practice

Read 180 Training

Thursday, Nov. 7th, 8am

Rose Ferrero Elementary

Peter DeWitt

Wednesday, Nov. 6th, 8am

School Site Visits

Wednesday-Friday, November 6-8 - Nationally known expert Peter DeWitt will return to the Soledad Unified School District to hold coaching sessions with Administrative Teams and TOSAs with a focus on Instructional Leadership and Collective Efficacy

Calendar of Upcoming Events - November 2019

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