Gender Equality

How can we achieve it?

We deserve the same rights

Black and white, night and day, in and out. Everything is different, but everything need something else to be complete, something similar, like men need women and viceversa.

Obviously men and women are different, but together we are one thing, we are humans, we are the product of 14 billions years of evolution, story of Universe and we can't still pay attention to stereotypes, those divide people for colour, sex or religion.

It's so difficult to think, that in 2015 while we are working for the journey to Mars women, in a lot of places in the world of work, are considered not equal to men, it's impossible, it's intolerable.

We are born humans first of all, then we are men or women, but this is important we must have the same rights, we deserve the same rights.

Respect and Laws

It's easy to fall, when we talk about gender inequalities, in Feminism or Maschilism, so it's important to teach children by their first years of life the respect. There's no peace, no equality, no freedom without respect. Respect for the Law, respect for things, respect for people.

But this will give results in a long future, what can we do for the present, for guarantee a dignitous life for both women and men?

We can start sensibilization campaigns, make new laws for work, we can do a lot of things, but the change must take place in the heart of people, if this won't happen, we will continue this shameful story, attacking the Human Intelligence.