Jack Dempsey

By Griffin Poncez

Early Life

Jack Dempsey was born In Manassa, CO on June 24, 1895. He grew up with a family of 13 and the family was very poor. He picked up Mormonism when he was young but would later drop the religion when he got older. When he was young he would challenge other kids for money and bragging rights to fight. Jack Dropped out of school after completing the 8th grade and would also leave his family after dropping out.

Occupation and Fame

Jack Dempsey started working at a young age. He started working at the age of 8 which was picking crops. Other jobs he has had are miner, dishwasher, farm hand, and a cowboy. The most famous thing he is known for is being a Boxer. Jack Dempsey ended up becoming a boxing champion. He did it more than one time too, He won the heavyweight championship 5 times in 6 years. He became more famous and people started to know who he was after he ended up losing. The amazing thing about Jack is that he never took the sport too serious. Even when he was boxing he still worked another job at the same time. After he retired from boxing he was considered one of the greatest boxers ever and still is.

Personal Life

Jack Dempsey had quite the personal life. He ended up marrying a total of 4 woman in his life time, They were named Maxive Gates, Estelle Taylor, Hannah Williams, and Deanna Piatell. He had three kids, two with Williams "Joan and Barbra" and later adopted one with Piatell.

Impact He Had

Dempsey only ranked second to Babe Ruth among great sport icons in the 1920's. He was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in 1954, most people still consider him a top ten boxer of all time. He was known for being ruthless, unbridled violence in a prizefight, he was renowned for his warmth, kindness, and generosity outside of the boxing ring.