Collaboration and Communication

New Tools that we will be Using

WordPress, Remind101, and Lino

Happy Monday Fourth Grade Parents!

I am so excited to tell you all about three new tools that we will be using in the classroom and at home this year. The main one that will be our "base" for this year is called WordPress. This website is a place to blog. I will be creating a blog every Monday morning to give any updates or reminders, and to give students and parents an outline of our week! I will also be blogging about fun class activities so be on the look out to see what fun things you child is doing in the classroom! The second new tool is called Remind101. This is specifically for communication between me and the parents. I will be sending texts to remind of any events, projects, or field trips! The third new tool is Lino. This year I plan to do a couple of group projects and this will make working on them from home so much easier for you child! This is a website where each group has their own page and can add post it notes and pictures to the page to talk about the project. It is a fun and different way to get them connected once they are no longer together.

Hope you all are just excited as I am about these new tools and the wonderful year ahead of us! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


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