Printing In The 1700s

By Jayce Gruettner

Not too Easy

The printing press was a very labor intensive job, you needed strength to be able to apply the pressure needed to get the ink on the paper let me tell you the steps to making your vary own pressure printed letter.

How They Did It

First you reset the press (these steps but backwards) 1. You set the paper 2. you set every letter individually to spell something 3. You put the ink on the letters using dabbers 4. You lower the paper housing down onto the letters 5. Slide the housing into the "press part" 5. Pull a lever as hard as you can to get as much pressure on as you can so the ink gets on the paper evenly 6. Undo everything to get the paper out and rinse and repeat.

Johannes Gutenberg

A little Hitory

The invention of an improved movable type mechanical printing technology in Europe is credited to the German printer Johannes Gutenberg in 1450.

Some Pictures

This Video That Says It Better Than Me.

How to Use a Colonial Era Printing Press