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What shampoo,conditioning do you use? Before you star doing your client hair you need to ask your clients if they have any of this discussed.After you know if they have any discussed or no discussed you need to examine the hair and scalp and look

  • Dry,dehydrated hair
  • Thinning of the hair
  • Excessive hair left in the sink trap after shampooing
  • Dry,tight scalp
  • Oily scalp
  • Abnormal flaking or the scalp
  • Open wounds or scalp irritations
  • Scalp disorders or diseases
  • Tick or lice infestation for
The shampoo provides a good opportunity to analyze the clients hair and scalp.Always check for these conditions.If they have any dry,dehydrated hair,thinning of the hair and oily scalp.These assistants should always alert the stylist about any hair or scalp.Then you will need to take a shampoo and If you your clients have oily scalp and you will not use a shampoo that will make it more oily or the conditioning.when you are shampoo the hair you need to gave it a scalp treatment or a massage before or during the shampooing.When you have clean scalp it fell good and clean hair mean healthy hair and grow hair longer.